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Girl on the Edge


Girl on the Edge is the incredible memoir of Kim Hodges, detailing her adolescent experiences growing up in a small rural town of NSW. Her mistreatment and tumultuous upbringing has niggled away in the back of her mind since she was seven years of age. Now a family woman with three children of her own, Kim has found the courage and discipline to work her story into words.

Written through a child’s sensitive lens with reflections that could only be surmised and truly understood as an adult, Girl on the Edge explores identity, belonging, and alienation, as well as class, gender and power. Set in the landscape of the small NSW country town of Coolah, Kim’s coming of age story is far from quaint. Using her wry humour to offset the confronting content, Girl on the Edge is truly an arresting memoir.

Kim Hodges currently resides on the NSW north coast and immerses herself in the pristine beauty of beaches, mountains and estuaries. She grew up in Coolah, a small remote town in Central NSW, Australia with a population of 900, and has lived in Sydney and the UK. In her mid forties she commenced writing her memoir to store in the cupboard for her lads to read in the years to come, but she realised this story was unique and may resonate with a broad readership. Kim has been employed in many professional roles: tutor and lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences (Southern Cross University), and a consultant in curriculum development (TAFENSW) and policy (NSW Government). Find out more about Kim at 
Author Location: Repton, NSW

  • Publisher: Impact Press (October 16, 2017)
  • Length: 232 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781925384000

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