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From a delicate multi-strand evening necklace to a pearl beaded bracelet or coral swirl earrings, each of these beautiful creations will bring any outfit to life.

Even if you have never made jewellery before, step-by-step photographs and simple instructions will help to get you started. The authors explain all of the basic techniques you need to know, including crimps, loops, cutting chain, cord ends and more.

Projects are arranged by level of difficulty—from beginner through to intermediate and advanced—and use only inexpensive materials that can be easily found in craft and hobby shops.

Kristine Regan has been designing different consumer products for over 15 years. She began designing high-end fashion jewelry in 2011, which sparked her interest in jewelry making. Kristine joined Cousin Corporation of America in 2013 and is the Creative Team manager.

Jennifer Eno-Wolf began making jewelry in 2002 while working for a jewelry designer in St. Augustine and studying Fine Art at Flagler College. She joined Cousin Corporation of America in 2009 and soon after began writing instructions and designing jewelry for their numerous accounts and marketing needs.

Chloe Pemberton taught jewelry making and made and sold her designs at craft fairs, shops and farmer’s markets while living in Vermont. After moving to Florida, she started writing jewelry instructions while working as a jewelry instructor for an art studio. In 2014, Chloe joined Cousin Corporation of America and currently works as a Design Assistant in their Creative Dept.