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A chemist must desperately search for an antidote when a research drug meant to heighten sexual pleasure for women goes horribly wrong—and the man responsible is on the run.

Jasmine Sallie is intoxicatingly beautiful, confident, and has an eye for younger men. At forty-three, Jasmine is a successful chemist employed by a pharmaceutical company, and a director of a research team that’s been given the task to create a female sexual enhancement drug.

When Travis—a sexy and brilliant young man—joins the research team, Jasmine and Travis begin a sizzling erotic relationship that’s only a step away from falling into dangerous territory. The two manufacture the addictive, sex enhancing designer drug, but the side effects cause disastrous medical problems—even death. Jasmine orders the project to be ceased and the research is shelved. However, Travis secretly continues to do research. Finally, he manufactures a decent formula, but the side effects and potential risk for death remain significant. Still, Travis believes the benefits outweigh the hazards. He calls his new aphrodisiac Cougars.

Travis decides to sell Cougars on the black market. Several women who ingest the drug suddenly and inexplicably die, while others become gravely ill. When a senator dies, an investigation is launched, and Travis is suddenly on the run. Now Jasmine must help authorities hunt Travis down and find an antidote for those ailing from the effects of the drug before it’s too late.

Earl Sewell attended Columbia College in Chicago where he studied screen and fiction writing. Earl’s YA novels in his Keysha and Friends series have made him a librarian and teen fan favorite. He currently resides in South Holland, Illinois.

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