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A is for the Agile cat, capable of leaping four times her height to retrieve the chicken chew she left on top of the cupboard yesterday … well, after her 7-hour nap that is.

C is for the Critical cat, who regularly leaves constructive “reviews” of less-than-satisfactory meals on the hall carpet.

G is for the Grateful cat, who appreciates the new state-of-the-art cat bed but prefers the packaging.

H is for the Helpful cat who likes to polish the keyboard with his tail while you are racing to meet your deadline.

P is for the Punctual cat who, without fail, jumps on his sleeping owner’s face at 5am each morning to ensure she doesn’t miss breakfast.

Cat-lovers will laugh their way knowingly through this delightful alphabet of their furry friends’ weird and wonderful ways.

Ariana Klepac is an editor and author who lives in Sydney, Australia, with Pete Smith and Office Cat. She has written several books including The Whales Companion, Australian Voices, and Stark Raving Mod!.

  • Publisher: Smith Street Books (April 1, 2017)
  • Length: 96 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781925418347

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