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A feel-good story about a superhero whose superpower is her kindness.

Bea loves helping friends and really wants to be a superhero, but none of the costumes she tries on are quite right. What makes an outfit super? A cape? A mask? They’re just not her. Even her dog Woofs agrees. It’s not until Bea rescues and returns an injured bunny that she discovers the super suit that fits her personality. Bea is Bunnygirl! And she and Woofs are ready to help.

Holly Jayne was born in Melbourne and now lives on Australia’s Gold Coast. She has been making animals, figurines and jewellery since she was in primary school. Holly first created the character of Bunnygirl as a little polymer clay figurine, then later on an enamel pin design so cute it sold out in her Etsy shop. She knew there was a story there and had to write a comic to go with it: Bunnygirl is the feel-good result.