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After the Martian Apocalypse

Extraterrestrial Artifacts and the Case for Mars Exploration


This engaging and groundbreaking archaeological treatise mixed with cultural commentary argues that our future on Mars depends on our understanding of its remarkable past.

Much to the surprise of scientists and researchers, the latest cosmic discoveries offer strong evidence that points to an extinct civilization on Mars. What happened to it? And what does this mean for us on Earth?

With in-depth research and accessible prose, After the Martian Apocalypse explains how our own survival may depend on confronting the strange and ancient truths to be found on the Red Planet. Challenging orthodox notions of humanity’s role in space, this unputdownable book effortlessly proves that to truly understand our own world, we must first understand our unsettling and enigmatic planetary neighbor.

Mac Tonnies was a science fiction writer, critic, and columnist. He was the author of three books, Illumined Black, After the Martian Apocalypse, and The Cryptoterrestrials. He lived in Kansas City, Missouri and died in 2009. 

  • Publisher: Pocket Books (July 6, 2004)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781416503330

Herbie Brennan author of Martian Genesis and The Atlantis Enigma A stunning survey of the latest evidence for intelligent life on Mars. Tonnies brings a thoughtful, balanced and highly accessible approach to one of the most fascinating enigmas of our time.