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21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers

America's Top Earners Reveal the Keys to Sales Success

In this sharp, invigorating read, Fortune 50 consultant Stephen Harvill discovers twenty-one common behaviors of top earners across seven major industries that set them apart. These are the secrets of the world’s best salespeople who rake in at least one million dollars a year.

For over thirty years, Steve Harvill has helped successful sales teams do what they do better, smarter, more elegantly, and more imaginatively. As a consultant for some of the top companies in the world, including Apple, Pepsi, Samsung, and Wells Fargo, he aids in simplifying processes that have become unwieldy and making teams more effective.

His work inspired him to ask the question: What exactly sets the top producers apart from their peers? After spending a year interviewing 175 sales superstars from seven different industries, he found twenty-one distinct behaviors of successful salespeople. Organized by these best practices and filled with hundreds more tips, stories, and takeaways, 21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers reveals how you can improve in every aspect of your job and rise to become one of the best.

Steven Noreyko

In the past twenty-five years, Stephen Harvill and his Creative Ventures team have helped some of the world’s most respected companies realize their true capabilities through pioneering methods in organizational dynamics and strategic thinking. He now runs a boutique consulting firm, working with organizations of all sizes—his client base includes Apple, Pepsi, Samsung, IBM, General Mills, Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, and Microsoft. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife.

  • Publisher: Touchstone (October 1, 2017)
  • Length: 272 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781501183966

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“I’ve worked with successful financial advisors for decades and have partnered with all the industry’s top presenters and thought leaders. No one is better than Steve Harvill when it comes to dynamically delivering actionable, executable, and intelligent content. His presentations and sales ideas make sense and are uncomplicated.”—Sean Mahedy, Park Avenue Securities

“Steve will guide you on a journey that will show you how to hit the reset button for defining the ‘Relevance’ you can have in the lives of the customers you serve along with the ‘Value’ you can create that forms the lasting ties to those customers.“—Bill Coppel, First Clearing

“A thought provoking book that made me grab my highlighter and post-its immediately. A must have for any sales-minded reader. I would recommend it to anyone that has direct responsibility for either delivering or driving sales for their organizations.”—Tracy Wade, Head of Sales and Product, Maxum Specialty Insurance Group

“This book has amazing insight and perspective.”—Elizabeth Schehl, Morgan Stanley

“I found Steve’s approach to sharing best practices very informative and useful for all sales professionals.”— Tom Burns, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Life Financial Services, LLC Member FINRA 

“Steve inspires our teams to go beyond their comfort zones.”—JCPenney

“Steve’s passion is contagious, his message is powerful, and his presentation is entertaining and enlightening.”—Better Business Bureau

“What Steve gave to us was so much more than consultation. His impact, without a doubt, is a lasting one that will reap rewards for our mission for years to come.”—American Heart Association

“As a serial entrepreneur, I am always selling. Whether it be to investors, landlords, my wife, bankers, analysts, or even my own organization, sales are the lifeblood of the start-up. Steve's book encapsulates everything there is to know about ‘selling’ and does so in a highly interesting, fast-paced and entertaining fashion!”—Mark Kane, Founder of CD Warehouse, Movie Trading Company, EntertainMart, ReCharge Electronics, Keeks Designer Handbags 

21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers is the next must read by everyone in the business world. It is for anyone who wants to succeed – Steve is a Story teller, and this business book is filled with great, inspirational  interesting and powerful stories about service, relationships, building confidence, dealing with rejection, self-reflection and discipline, focus and how to be an active listener, then a superstar.” —Betsy Edelman, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, RiverMend Health

“Steve has the unique ability to uncover key observations about you, your Company and your customer approach that are often staring you in the face.”—Clete Madden, President, Touchstone Medical Imaging, LLC