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Anna Comerford

Anna Comerford, a psychic medium and spiritual teacher devoted to spirituality and universal wisdom, is passionate about searching the great mystical, magical world and linking science and spirituality in ways that are simple and easy to comprehend and sharing this knowledge with others. She was the Australian psychic of the year in 2017 and has appeared on Psychic TV Australia. Author of The Spiritual Guidebook, Anna has worked with thousands of clients both in Australia and around the world. She has a gift for understanding energy, auras and chakras and is in constant communication with spiritual guides. With Bachelor degrees in Education and Health Science, Anna works as a hypnotherapist, naturopath, herbalist, reiki master, past-life regressionist, psychic medium, shaman, crystal healer, yoga teacher and intuitive astrologer. She enjoys guiding others to obtaining more meaning, purpose and joy in their lives.

Books by Anna Comerford