Which Cult Should I Join?

Which Cult Should I Join?

Do you prefer applesauce (Heaven’s Gate) to Kool-Aid (People’s Temple)? Do you think carrots are “the Food of the Masters” (The Church Universal and Triumphant) or that swimming and joking should be forbidden (The Fellowship of Friends)? This is the book for you! We help sort your ET-loving Raelians from your Moonies, your snake-handling Church of God with Signs Following from your Branch Davidians.

To make the path to the reader’s chosen cult easy, Which Cult Should I Join? is structured like a Choose Your-Own Adventure book – in that the reader makes a series of decisions along the way to come to their ‘chosen’ cult. And with 40 of the most high-profile modern cults covered, we have one to suit every reader.

Cults included:

Amway • Aum Shinrikyo • Branch Davidians/Waco • Buddhafield • Chen Tao • Church of the Congregation for the Light • Cults Aberdeen • Dudeism • Eckankar • Fiat lux • Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints • Gloriavale • Hare Krishna’s • Heaven’s Gate • John Frum • Juggalos • Landmark • Los Narcos-Satanicos • Magnificent Meal Movement • Millerism • Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God • Nuwaubian Nation • Peoples Temple/Jonestown • Prince Philip Movement • Scientology • The Aetherius Society • The Childrenof God (The Family) • The Church of God with Signs Following • The Church Universal • The Manson Family • The Orange People/Osho • The Order of the Solar Temple • The Raelian Movement • The Remnant Fellowship Church • The Source • The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow • Twelve Tribes • Unarius Academy of Science
  • Smith Street Books | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781925418354 | 
  • May 2017
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