Less is More

Less is More

Less Is More tackles the very contemporary issue of de-cluttering your life. This includes not just the physical aspects of de-cluttering a home or a room, but also the emotional clutter that might be inherent in a life.

This book helps clutterers learn to accept, understand and deal with the deep-seated emotions that go with cluttering, while at the same time providing smart, practical techniques, methods, and rules of thumb to clear away the clutter, and then to keep it away.

More than just “the physical stuff”, Less is More blends uncritical compassion with a detailed concrete structure on the best way to achieve a minimalist mindset, both physically and emotionally.
  • Ventura Press | 
  • ISBN 9781922190406 | 
  • August 2013
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AU$ 24.99
NZ$ 27.99


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About the Author

Kim Carruthers

Kim Carruthers, the daughter-in-law of bestselling author Robin Barker (Baby Love), was an information project manager with a global management consultancy and has worked in the UK, Hungary, Western Europe and the USA as well as Australia. Kim currently runs de-cluttering workshops teaching de-cluttering skills and provides ongoing one-on-one support for people needing help.