Knock-Knock! Who's There?

A Load of Laughs and Jokes for Kids

Knock-Knock! Who's There?

Illustrated by: Craig Yoe
For Ages: 5 - 9
The follow-up to LOL: A Load of Laughs and Jokes for Kids, this jam-packed knock-knock joke book is perfect for young comedians!

Who’s there?
Justin who?
Justin time for dinner!

With over 700 silly knock-knock jokes, this book is ready to knock down your door with hours and hours of the wackiest “Who’s There?” answers ever. Perfect for sharing with friends, Knock-Knock! Who's There?: A Load of Laughs and Jokes for Kids will have your young comedian howling with laughter!
  • Little Simon | 
  • 128 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781481478212 | 
  • May 2018 | 
  • Grades K - 4
List Price
AU$ 5.99


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What do you get when you cross a wacky, jam-packed joke book with a kid who loves to LOL? A load of laughs and jokes for kids in this perfect book for young comedians!

What winter sport do trees participate in?
Al-pine skiing!

What do construction workers use to block traffic in winter?
Snow cones!

What did one telephone give the other telephone on Valentine’s Day?
A ring!

LOL: A Load of Laughs and Jokes for Kids is crammed...

About the Author

Craig Yoe

Craig Yoe used to be the creative director for The Muppets. Now he runs YOE! Studio, creating everything from toys to theme park attractions. He lives in New York with his wife and three children.